ALF Italia

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Amelia Contemporary Wood Veneer Vetrine by ALF italia

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The elegant Amelia Sideboard stands with poise and grace showing off its clean lines and minimal appearance. Ideal for your modern dining room Amelia offers a glimpse of what's inside with its sleek glass panel. Perfect for storing dishes for dinner parties and other accoutrements....
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ELIOS – Contemporary Nightstand | ALF(+) DA FRE

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They are made in Italy and built with only the highest quality materials.
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Lego Contemporary White Nightands by ALF Italia

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Modular Nightands and Dressers developed by ALF Italia. Made of wood and lacquer combinations, sleek and contemporary. Made in Italy.
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Metropolis Sideboard Contemporary by ALF

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Metropolis Sideboard Contemporary by ALF

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Metropolis is an extensive and diversified range of sideboards, cabinets, display cabinets and TV units devised to accommodate the most multifarious requirements. Featuring doors and drawers with assisted closing, some versions come with open compartments or glass doors, and with a glass or matching finish...
$3,866.00 $2,671.00

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